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Electronic Exam-system: Teacher´s instructions

General information on electronic exam and Exam -system

The Electronic Examination Service of the University of Turku offers the possibility to take book and course exams as well as maturity tests as e-exams in exam rooms which has video surveillance (audio and video recording). Educational Support Services at the University of Turku are responsible for the video surveillance.

E-exam rooms:
  • Exam rooms in Turku: Agora, Aurum, Educarium, Publicum, Turku School of Economics and Teutori (76 computers)
  • Exam room in Pori:  University Consortium of Pori (8 computers)
  • Exam room in Rauma:  Department of Teacher Education (9 computers)
  • Exam room in Vaasa: Åbo Akademi, Academill (1 computer)

Students can also take University of Turku electronic exam in other universities e-exam room. You can read more information: Reserving exam time in another university´s exam room

From your unit Exam -system support persons you can ask guide and support in the use of the Exam -system. You can also get help from Exam -support service:


What kind of exams can be taken in the electronic exam service:

  • General exams (course or material exams): electronic examination is best for exams where the questions do not have to be same for all the students. The teacher creates a question bank to the system by creating groups of questions. The system then provides each student with a random question from each group of questions. In this way, each student gets a randomized combination of questions. In Exam-system can use essay, multiple-choice (single and multiple correct), statement question (can be edited) and fill-in exercise.
  • Maturity tests and other individual exams: These kinds of exams can be created for one or more students.
  • In the Exam -system every question may have one attachment. Note!  The attachment is in these format so that student can opened it on the exam computer. A document can only be added as an attachment, not inserted  into the question.
  • The system can be reached using the computers in the exam room, and the student also has access to Word (without the spell check function), Exel (incl. Solver), Paint, Python (not incl. librarys), Note, Dia, Inskscape, RStudio, Notepad++, a basic calculator, Qalculate!, a PDF reader that can also be used to save PDF files and VLC Media Player and headset.
  • Some computers (Aurum, Agora, Pori and Rauma) have also Wacom Cintiq interactive pen display.
  • The student may either write their answers in the Exam answer editor or with the accessible software. It is possible to choose special characters or insert a table in the answer editor using the tools in the editor. At the moment, mathematical formulae can be written using the TeX tool of the answer editor. (More details on answering)
  • Student may not take any items or papers to the exam room. You can read students guide for e-exam system here.
  • The exam is open only for a certain period of time which the teacher defines. Exam-system booking calendar students can reserve a time on a computer that is available. The students will not take the exam at the same day or time but can instead reserve an examination time for themselves within the time period during which the exam is open. E-exams offer students more flexible exam times, which makes scheduling of the exams with lectures, other exams and work easier.
  • The exam can be 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours long.
  • In Turku campus is Exam room for the special accomodations: Publicum 4th floor, room Pub 418, Assistentinkatu 7. The special exam room can be reserved for a student who is allowed to use a special exam room in the special arrangements for examinations. The teacher must also know that the student can take an exam in Exam room for the special accomodations and she/he is allowed to use personal aids in the exam or to use a toilet during the exam. Check for more information about the use of Exam room for the special accomodation or inquire further about individual arrangement for the exam:". You can read students guide for Exam room for the special accomodationsm here.



How the exam process goes?

  1. Teacher creates the exam in the system and activates it (Note! Use Firefox- or Chrome browser)
  2. Student make reservation in the exam room system
  3. Student receive an automatic reservation confirmation email
  4. Student goes to the exam room and take the exam

  5. When the student submits the exam, the teacher receives an automatic email about the response once a week
  6. Teacher assesses the answers in the Exam -system
  7. Student can get the email once the exam has been evaluated in the electronic exam service and the student can view grades in the Exam "Study attainments" page.

The assessment period of the exams is 3 weeks, and exams taken in summer (1 June–15 August) need to be assessed by 5 September.


From these pages you find guide how you create a e-exam to the Exam system.

The guide is based on the stages of the exam:
  1. How you create the exam in the system (add the basic information)
  2. How you create structure of the exam and questions (how questions are grouped and  how many questions will be selected from each group for the exam and what is questions grading scale)
  3. How you publish the exam (students can make reservations)
  4. How you assesses the answers in Exam -system
  5. How you can edit, re-open and copy exams

Open the Examiners guide page from the left menu:

screenshot: Examiners guide menu

The students have to make sure that they can enter the building when the exam takes place.  In order to identify the student, the exam room is entered only with the access card.  


Exam -system support persons

From your unit Exam- support persons you can ask guide and support in the use of the Exam -system. You can also get help from Exam for centralized support:


Faculty of Humanities:

  • Kai Miikkulainen,, (School of History, Culture and Arts Studies)
  • Marko Stenroos,, (School of Languages and Translation Studies)

Faculty of Education:

Faculty of Law:

Faculty of Medicine:

Turku School of Economics:

Faculty of Science and Faculty of Engineering:

Faculty of Social Sciences:

Centre for Language and Communication Studies:

Terms and Conditions

When you use the electronic exam service, you have to agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. In an electronic exam, the users have to comply with the University of Turku Regulation on Studies.
  2. The student agrees that the information of the access control system, video surveillance and examination system can be used to confirm the identity of the student: Register for video surveillance at the University of Turku / Register for data protection at the University of Turku
  3. The electronic exams comply with the terms of use of the computer services of the University of Turku
  4. University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University EXAM system accessibility statement