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What is UTUCRIS?

A tool for increasing visibility

The University of Turku carries out high-quality, multidisciplinary research and promotes open and effective science. The Current Research Information System UTUCRIS (also known as Converis) is used for managing the data collected on research, maintaining the researchers' profile information (e.g. areas of expertise, research, teaching), and recording professional merits.

The goal of UTUCRIS is that researchers and their expertise and results are more visible, which in turn increases the recognition of both the researchers and the University of Turku. The public information in the UTUCRIS system and the personnel's profiles can be browsed online through the university website or the Research Portal.

Research information database and institutional repository

Basic information on researchers and organizations is automatically synchronized from other systems at UTUCRIS. The library imports publications affiliated to University of Turku from Web of Science and Scopus databases using an automated search. Researchers add all of their academic activities and all publications which are not included in Web of Science or Scopus.

UTUCRIS also serves as institutional repository of University of Turku. Full text versions of research articles are archived in the system if the publisher's policy allows self-archiving. The library always checks the current copyright and archiving policies of scientific journals and publishers before making any files publicly available.

Information collection for funding purposes

13 per cent of funding allocated to Finnish universities by the Ministry of Education is based on the amount and quality of scientific publications. The University of Turku reports its figures through UTUCRIS. The information gathered through UTUCRIS can be utilised by other funders (eg. Academy of Finland) as well.

The software system behind UTUCRIS (Converis) is provided and hosted by Clarivate.

Guidelines for researchers

An UTUCRIS profile is automatically created for members of the scientific community from doctoral candidates onwards for the active employment or study period. The account can be accessed with UTU credentials. Some of your details (like your affiliation) are imported automatically from other UTU databases.

What you need to do:

  • Keep your personal profile updated
  • Check your publication list is up to date
  • Add the activities and publications not imported automatically (either by online form or manually in UTUCRIS)
  • Submit your final manuscripts to the library for self-archiving

Search the Research Portal

Research Portal Screen shot

The research information gathered in the UTUCRIS system is public and can be accessed online through the Research Portal:

Contact us

Do you have any questions about publication information collection or the visibility of your research? Contact UTUCRIS specialists at!