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Present your expertise online

The Research Portal of the University of Turku offers researchers and teachers an opportunity to openly present and update their professional information online. The information is visible also on the University's website

Update your information with the UTU account

Profile information is updated by signing in to the UTUCRIS Research Information System with your UTU account.

Some of the information (including contact information) is provided by the back end systems and some has to be filled in by the user.

The profile should be filled in both in Finnish and English, the language versions are available in the UTUCris edit view.

You can add the following information to your profile:

  • Profile picture
  • ORCID identifier
  • Links to websites (e.g. LinkedIn profile, research group)
  • Degree or title
  • Areas of expertise
  • Biography
  • Research
  • Teaching
  • Areas of research according to the research field classification of the Ministry of Education and Culture

In addition to researchers and teachers, the Research Portal also contains the contact information of the employees of the University Central Services. They can also add a profile picture and area of expertise to their profile in the Research Information System.

Please Notice

  • A profile page is automatically created for members of the scientific community from doctoral candidates onwards for the active employment or study etc. period.
  • The profile page is not publicly displayed during leave of absence. However, if you want your profile page displayed during your leave of absence, sign a University commitment with your own unit. You can find more information from University Commitment page in the intranet.

Read further instructions or ask more

>> Detailed instructions are available in the intranet's Personal Profile page.

You can ask for more information or send feedback by emailing