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Uralic Languages

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Library Classification (Feeniks Library)

Call Number Content
Fb Uralic Languages
Fba Comparative Dictionaries
Fc Finnic Languages
Fca Finnish Language
Fcaa Finnish Dictionaries
Fcac Finnish Dialects
Fcad Finnish Languages History
Fcae Finnish Text Edictions
Fcb Estonian Language
Fcba Estonian Languages
Fcca Dictionaries of Other Finnic Languages
Fda Sami Language
Fdaa Sami Dictionaries
Fdb Hungarian Language
Fdba Hungarian Dictionaries
Fdc Volgaic Languages
Fdca Mordvin Language (Erzya, Moksha)
Fdcaa Mordvin Dictionaries
Fdcb Mari Language
Fdcba Mari Dictionaries
Fdd Permic Languages
Fdda Komi Language

Komi Dictionaries

Fddb Udmurt Language
Fddba Udmurt Dictionaries
Fde Ob-Ugric Languages (Khanty, Mansi)
Fdea Dictionaries of Ob-Ugric Languages
Fdf Samoyedic Languages
Fdfa Dictionaries of Samoyedic Languages
Gb Finnish Literature
Gd Other Uralic Literature
Hb Finnish Fiction
Hc Finnic Fiction and Language Samples
Hca Estonian Fiction
Hd Other Uralic Fiction and Language Samples
Hda Sami Fiction and Language Samples
Hdb Hungarian Fiction
Hdca Mordvin Fiction and Language Samples
Hdcb Mari Fiction and Language Samples
Hdda Komi Fiction and Language Samples
Hddb Udmurt Fiction and Language Samples
Kc History of Uralic Peoples
Mc Geography, Society, and Culture of Uralic Peoples