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Turku University Library

Languages, Linguistics & Translation Studies

Call Numbers A-E

A                  Bibliographies
Ab Libraries, Information Retrieval, Information Studies
Ae Book, Book History
Af Writing Systems, Symbols, Paleography, Reading and Writing
B Encyclopedias, Reference Books
Bh Communication, Mass Media, Internet
C Religion, Mythology (see also M)
D Philosophy
E Education, Scientific Writing, Research Methods, Science

Call Number F: Linguistics

F                  Reference Books (Linguistics)
Fa General Linguistics
Fab Grammar
Faba Phonetics, Phonology
Fabb Morphology
Fabc Syntax
Fabca Semantics, Semiotics
Fabd Text Linguistics, Discourse Analysis
Faea Historical Linguistics
Faeb Dialectology, Language Geography
Faec Languages of the World, Language Typology, Universals
Fag Lexicology, Lexicography, Word Semantics, Phraseology
Fagb Languages for Special Purposes, Terminology
Fai Applied Linguistics, Contrastive Linguistics
Faia Foreign Language Learning and Teaching
Faic Translating, Interpreting
Faie Intercultural Communication
Faj Psycholinguistics, Neurolinguistics, Cognitive Linguistics
Fak Sociolinguistics, Language Contacts
Fal Computational Linguistics, Corpus Linguistics, Mathematical Linguistics
Fam Pragmatics, Conversation Analysis, Communication, Rhetoric
Fb Uralic Languages
Fba Comparative Dictionaries
Fc Finnic Languages
Fca Finnish Language
Fcaa Dictionaries
Fcac Dialects
Fcad Language History
Fcae Text Editions
Fcb Estonian Language
Fcba Dictionaries
Fcca Dictionaries of Other Finnic Languages (Livonian, Karelian, Votic, Veps)
Fda Sami Language
Fdaa Dictionaries
Fdb Hungarian Language
Fdba Dictionaries
Fdc Volgaic Languages
Fdca Mordvin Language (Erzya, Moksha)
Fdcaa Dictionaries
Fdcb Mari Language (Cheremis)
Fdcba Dictionaries
Fdd Permic Languages
Fdda Komi Language (Zyrian)
Fddaa Dictionaries
Fddb Udmurt Langauge (Votyak)
Fddba Dictionaries
Fde Ob-Ugric Languages: Khanty (Ostyak), Mansi (Vogul)
Fdea Dictionaries
Fdf Samoyedic Language (Nenets, Enets, Nganasan, Selkup, Kamassian)
Fdfa Dictionaries
Ff Indo-European Languages
Ffa Comparative Dictionaries
Fg Germanic Languages
Fh Scandinavian Languages
Fha Swedish Language
Fhaa Dictionaries
Fhaba Grammar Books
Fhac Dialects
Fhad Language History
Fhae Text Editions
Fhb Danish Language
Fhba Dictionaries
Fhbe Text Editions
Fhc Norwegian Language
Fhca Dictionaries
Fhce Text Editions
Fhd Islandic, Faroese
Fhda Dictionaries
Fhde Text Editions
Fia German Language
Fia Oppik Text Books
Fiaa Dictionaries
Fiaab Historical Dictionaries
Fiaac Dialect Dictionaries
Fiaad Special Dictionaries
Fiaba Grammar Books
Fiabb Special Languages, Stylistics
Fiabc Phonetics and Phonology
Fiabg Lexicology, Lexicography, Phraseology
Fiabi German as a Foreign Language
Fiac Dialects
Fiad Language History
Fiae Text Editions
Fib Dutch, Flemish, Afrikaans
Fic Frisian Language
Fid English Language
Fida Dictionaries
Fidab Historical Dictionaries
Fidac Dialect Dictionaries
Fidad Special Dictionaries
Fidba Grammar Books
Fidbb Special Languages, Stylistics
Fidbc Phonetics and Phonology
Fidc Dialects
Fidd Language History
Fide Text Editions
Fj Romance Language
Fja Comparative Dictionaries
Fk French 
Fka Dictionaries
Fkba Grammar Books
Fkbb Special Languages, Stylistics
Fkbc Phonetics and Phonology
Fkc Dialects
Fkd Language History
Fke Text Editions
Fl Italian Language
Fl Oppik Text Books
Fla Dictionaries
Fma Spanish Language
Fmaa Dictionaries
Fmb Portuguese Language
Fmc Rhaeto-Romance Langauge, Ladin Language
Fmd Romanian Language
Fmda Dictionaries
Fme Catalan Language
Fmf Sardinian Language
Fmg Galician Language
Fmh Occitan Language, Franco-Provençal Language
Fn Slavic Languages
Fna East Slavic Languages, Old East Slavic
Fnaa Russian Language
Fnaa Oppik Text Books
Fnaaa Dictionaries
Fnab Ukrainian Language, Belarusian Language
Fnb West Slavic Languages (Polish, Czech, Slovak, Sorbian)
Fnc South Slavic Languages (Old Church Slavonic, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Macedonian, Slovene)
Fne Text Editions
Fo Greek Language
Fo Oppik Text Books
Foa Dictionaries
Foab Dictionaries on Specific Authors
Foac Dictionaries on the Bible and Church Fathers
Foaf Etymological Dictionaries
Foal Papyrus Dictionaries
Fob Grammar
Foc Metre
Fod Modern Greek
Fog General Philological Studies
Foga Philological Studies on Specific Authors
Fohs Text Editions and Commentaries (according to the author)
Fohsa Text Editions and Commentaries (anonymous, anthologies)
Fohsb Text Editions and Commentaries (anonymous, anthologies): Grammar and Rheotric
Fohsc Text Editions and Commentaries (anonymous, anthologies): Bible and Biblical
Fohsd Text Editions and Commentaries (anonymous, anthologies): Philosophy
Fohsi Text Editions and Commentaries (anonymous, anthologies): Poetry and Drama
Fohsk Text Editions  and Commentaries(anonymous, anthologies): History
Fohsl Text Editions  and Commentaries (anonymous, anthologies): Inscriptions and Epigraphy
Fol Papyrology, Papyrological Text Editions and Commentaries
Fp Latinan Language
Fp Oppik Text Books
Fpa Dictionaries
Fpab Dictionaries on Specific Authors
Fpb Grammar
Fpc Metre
Fpg General Philological Studies
Fpga Philological Studies on Specific Authors
Fphs Text Editions and Commentaries (according to the author)
Fphsa Text Editions and Commentaries (anonymous, anthologies)
Fphsl Text Editions  and Commentaries (anonymous, anthologies): Inscriptions, Epigraphy
Fq Classical Languages (Greek and Latin), Italic Languages, Etruscan
Fqf Other Indo-European Languages (Baltic, Celtic, Indo-Iranian)
Fqfa Dictionaries
Ft Turkic Languages
Fta Dictionaries
Fv Other Languages (other than Uralic, Indo-European, Turkic)
Fva Dictionaries

Call Number Sanak: Printed Dictionaries on a Specific Topic (Finnish, English, German, French, Spanish)

A           Printing, Typography, Symbols, Library
C Religion
D Philosophy, Psychology
E Education
I Arts
L Culture
M Geography
N Law, European Union
O Social Sciences
P Industry
Pa Business, Commerce, Transport, Advertising
Pb Technology, Mechanics, Vehicles
Pc Construction Engineering
Pu Information Technology
Q Agriculture, Forestry, Housekeeping
S Natural Sciences, Mathematics
V Medicine

Call Number G: History of Literature, Comparative Literature

G                  History of Literature, Comparative Literature
Gb Finnish Literature
Gd Other Uralic Literature
Ge Swedish-Language Literature
Gfa Danish-Language Literature
Gfb Norwegian-Language Literature
Gfc Islandic and Faroese Literature
Gh German-Language Literature
Gi English-Language Literature
Gk French-Language Literature
Gl Italian-Language Literature
Gma Spanish-Language Literature
Gmd Romanian-Language Literature
Gna Russian-Language Literature
Go Greek Literature
Gp Roman Literature
Gs Classical Literature

Call Number H: Fiction

H                  Fiction
Hb Finnish Fiction
Hc Finnic Finction and Language Samples
Hca Estonian Fiction
Hd Other Uralic Fiction and Language Samples
Hda Sami Fiction and Language Samples
Hdb Hungarian Fiction
Hdca Mordvin Fiction and Language Samples
Hdcb Mari Fiction and Language Samples
Hdda Komi Fiction and Language Samples
Hddb Udmurt Fiction and Language Samples
He Swedish-Language Fiction
Hfa Danish-Language Fiction
Hfb Norwegian-Language Fiction
Hfc Islandic and Faroese Fiction
Hh German-Language Fiction
Hi English-Language Fiction
Hk French-Language Fiction
Hl Italian-Language Fiction
Hma Spanish-Language Fiction
Hmb Portujguese-Language Fiction
Hmd Romanian-Language Fiction
Hna Russian Language Fiction

Call Numbers I-J: Arts, Biographies

I                  Arts (see also M)
J Biographies (see also K, M)

Call Number K: History

K                  History
Kaa Classical History
Kaac Greek History
Kaad Roman History
Kc History of Uralic Peoples
Kd History of the Scandinavian Countries, History of Finland Swedes
Ke History of German-Speaking Countries
Kf History of English-Speaking Countries
Ki History of French-Speaking Countries
Kj History of Italian-Speaking Countries
Kk History of Spanish-Speaking Countries
Km History of Russia and the Soviet Union
Kna History of Romania and Moldova

Call Number L: Cultural Studies

L                   Cultural Studies (see also M)
Laa Classical Archaeology, Greek and Roman Art

Call Number M: Geography, Tourism

M                  Geography, Tourism
Mc Geography, Society and Culture of Uralic Peoples
Md Geography, Society and Culture of the Scandinavian Countries and Finland Swedes
Me Geography, Society and Culture of German-Speaking Countries
Mf Geography, Society and Culture of English-Speaking Countries
Mi Geography, Society and Culture of French-Speaking Countries
Mj Geography, Society and Culture of Italian-Speaking Countries
Mk Geography, Society and Culture Spanish-Speaking Countries
Mm Geography, Society and Culture of Russia
Mna Geography, Society and Culture of Romania And Moldova

Call Numbers O-Varia: Social Sciences, Other Publications

O                 Social Sciences
Varia Other Publications