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Turku University Library

Languages, Linguistics & Translation Studies

Library Classification (Feeniks Library)

You can browse the books by clicking the classification code.

Call Number Content
Ff Indo-European Languages
Fg Germanic Languages
Fid English Language
Fida English Dictionaries
Fidab Historical and Etymological Dictionaries
Fidac Dialect Dictionaries
Fidad Special Dictionaries
Fidba Grammar Books
Fidbb Special Languages, Stylistics
Fidbc English Phonetics and Phonology
Fidc English Dialects
Fidd English Language History
Fide English Texts and Commentaries
Gi English-Language Literature
Hi English-Language Fiction
Kf History of English-Speaking Countries
Mf Geography, Society, and Culture of English-Speaking Countries

Printed Dictionaries on a Specific Topic

You can browse the special dictionaries (Finnish, English, German, French, Spanish) by clicking the classification code.

Call Number Content
A Printing, Typography, Symbols, Library
C Religion
D Philosophy, Psychology
E Education
I Arts
N Law, European Union
O Social Sciences
P Industry
Pa Business, Commerce, Transport, Advertising
Pb Technology, Mechanics, Vehicles
Pc Construction Engineering
Pu Information Technology
Q Agriculture, Forestry, Housekeeping
S Natural Sciences, Mathematics
V Medicine