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Scandinavian Languages


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Library Classification (Feeniks Library)

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Call Number Content
Ff Indo-European Languages
Fg Germanic Languages
Fh Scandinavian Languages
Fha Swedish Language
Fhaa Swedish Dictionaries
Fhaba Swedish Grammar Books
Fhac Swedish Dialects
Fhad Swedish Language History
Fhae Swedish Texts and Commentaries
Fhb Danish Language
Fhba Danish Dictionaries
Fhbe Danish Texts and Commentaries
Fhc Norwegian Language
Fhca Norwegian Dictionaries
Fhce Norwegian Texts and Commentaries
Fhd Icelandic and Faroese Languages
Fhda Icelandic and Faroese Dictionaries
Fhde Icelandic and Faroese Texts and Commentaries
Ge Swedish Literature
Gfa Danish Literature
Gfb Norwegian Literature
Gfc Icelandic and Faroese Literature
He Swedish Fiction
Hfa Danish  Fiction
Hfb Norwegian Fiction
Hfc Icelandic and Faroense Fiction
Kd History of Scandinavian Countries
Md Geography, Society, and Culture of Scandinavian Countries