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Welcome to the UTUKandi guide

On this website, you can find the description and instructions for the UTUKandi electronic assessment and publication process for bachelor’s theses. The instructions are common to all faculties, departments and subjects using UTUKandi, except for the subject/department's own guidelines on thesis formats etc. 

The information relevant to each person involved in the UTUKandi process can be found by clicking on the headings on the left-hand side of the site, according to the different stages of the process.

Up-to-date information on UTUKandi is always available on these pages.  The user support for UTUKandi is available at

Electronic bachelor's thesis process UTUKandi

UTUKandi is the electronic process of the University of Turku for bachelor’s degree theses which includes plagiarism detection, assessment and approval as well as electronic publication and storage of the theses. UTUKandi follows in the footsteps of the electronic UTUGradu process for master’s degree theses that was implemented in 2018. The purpose of UTUKandi is to:

  • improve the electronic availability of bachelor’s theses 
  • make the submission and approval process of theses clearer and more effortless
  • clarify the thesis publication process and
  • to ensure storage standardise the approval process for theses

The development of the UTUKandi process has involved several University units:

  • The Digital Services is in charge of the planning and implementation of the technical environment.
  • The Educational Affairs is responsible for planning the implementation (customer service and training) and for the electronic originality check as part of the process.
  • The University Library is responsible for verifying the bibliographic information, transferring the thesis to the publication archive UTUPub, and publication (to the extent approved by the student).


UTUKandi process

UTUKandi process in short

The supervisor and student agree that the thesis is completed.  At this point at the latest, the student registers to the bachelor’s thesis course on Peppi and, if necessary, to the maturity test. Depending on the faculty’s practices, the supervisor or the student administration opens a maturity test for the student in the Exam system if necessary.

2. The supervisor initiates the process with the UTUKandi form.

The student submits their thesis to the Turnitin assignment on the Moodle course that is linked to the UTUKandi form once they receive the email notification that the process has been initiated. After the thesis is submitted, they link and fill in the necessary information on the UTUKandi form.

If there are several authors for the thesis, they will confirm the information on the form through a link they receive by email.

4. The supervisor conducts a plagiarism check for the thesis with Turnitin on Moodle and assesses and approves the thesis on the UTUKandi form. At this point, the supervisor can still return the thesis to the student for corrections.

5. A notification of the approved thesis is sent by email to the student administration, Library and student.

Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement of UTUKandi (only in finnish) (updated 20.11.2023)