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How does UTUGradu work?

UTUGradu consists of:

  • UTU Forms system with UTUGradu thesis information form:  
    • An online form template for filling in the thesis information (for the publication repository) and evaluation information, through which the entire process progresses. The system automatically sends an email (from address notification of each work phase in progress to the utu address of relevant parties with instructions and necessary links. 

    • The UTUGradu form replaces all the former documents related to the examination process which have been in joint use, such as the Turnitin originality check certificate and student’s publication agreement with the Library. 

  • Moodle (virtual learning environment, and Moodle course:  
    The PDF/A validation tool for checking the PDF/A form of the thesis file and Turnitin originality check assignments for the thesis are available in the supervisors Moodle course. The Turnitin originality check assignment used in the UTUGradu process archives the submitted work in the Turnitin database and works as the submission platform for the thesis file. 

  • UTUPub publication repository is for the archiving and publication of the thesis in the extent chosen by the student. 


The UTUGradu Privacy notice:

The UTUPub privacy notice:

UTUGradu process in a nutshell

1. The supervisor initiates the examination and publication process of a thesis with the UTUGradu thesis form when the supervisor and student(s) have together agreed that the thesis is finished, meaning changes will no longer be made to it. On the form, the supervisor selects the student(s) and the Moodle course where the student submits their thesis for examination.  

NB! After initiating the UTUGradu process, the contents of the work cannot be changed without starting the process again (compare to submitting a printed thesis for examination). Hence, the UTUGradu system should not be used as a tool for supervising and pre-examining a thesis. 

► Student receives an email from the system. 


2. The student converts their completed thesis into a PDF/A file suitable for long-term storage, checks it with the PDF/A validator and then submits the same file for the Turnitin originality check in the above mentioned Moodle course area. After this, the student fills in the bibliographic and publication information of their thesis on the UTUGradu thesis form. 

NB! By confirming the information on the form, the student accepts the submission of their thesis for examination and publication, and can no longer make changes to the work on their own initiative. 

► Please note: If the thesis has been completed as a collaboration between two students, only one student receives the email from the system and checks the information about the thesis and its publication on the form.   

►  Supervisor receives an email from the system. 


3. The supervisor analyses the Turnitin report of the thesis on Moodle, approves the Turnitin originality check and information on the UTUGradu form filled in by the student, and adds the examiner(s) and the approver (Head of Department/Dean) for the work. 

NB! If the supervisor also acts as an examiner of the thesis, they must add themselves as an examiner on the form. 

► Examiners receive an email from the system. 


4. The examiners download the thesis file from the form and give their evaluation statements with the UTUGradu thesis form within four weeks of receiving the email notification of the thesis being ready for examination (during June-August and December the evaluation period can be longer). 

NB! If the examiners give a joint statement, they both still have to fill in the statement on the form. 

► Student receives an email from the system. 


5. The student(s) reads the statements and makes a possible appeal with the UTUGradu thesis form, and forwards the form to the approver of the work within seven days of receiving an email notification of the examiner’s evaluation statement. 

► Approver of the thesis receives an email from the system. 


6. The approver (Head of Department/Dean) receives the thesis file, the evaluation statements of the examiners and the possible appeal of the student, and decides on further actions according to the options on the form (in other words, gives the final grade for the work). 


►  Student receives a notification of the evaluation. 

►  The system sends the information for registering the study attainment to the student administration of the faculty. 

►  If the thesis receives a passing grade, the thesis document with its bibliographic information is transferred to the Library for archiving and publication. 


If the student has chosen open publication as the manner of publication on the form, their entire thesis will be published in the open publication repository UTUPub available online. The abstract of the thesis will be published in the UTUPub regardless of the manner of publication. The student can also change the manner of publication later by sending an email to the Library