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Approving a Thesis on the UTUGradu Thesis Form

The supervisor adds the examiner(s) and approver (Head of Department/Dean) of the thesis on the thesis form. If you have been added as the approver, you will receive an email (from address to your utu-email from the UTUGradu system once the examiners have given their evaluation statements and the student(s) has either made an appeal or approved the suggested grades. Below you can find instructions for making the decision on the grade and on how the process proceeds.

1. Click the link in the email to access the UTUGradu thesis form (it is recommended to use Chrome or Firefox as a browser when filling in the form). Starting at the top of the page, you can view all the information on the form filled in previously in the process. You can download the thesis as a PDF file and read the examiners’ evaluation statements as well as the possible appeal made by the student(s) at the bottom of the page.

  • The grade suggestions given by the examiners are available on the form at the “Examiner fills in” field, i.e. at the end of each examiner’s evaluation statement (and also briefly in the approver's step at the end of the page). There can be one to three examiners. If there are less than three examiners, the  Examiner 2 and/or 3 field is empty.

2. The official approval information is entered to the UTUGradu form. You do not have to fill in the form in one go, as you can and should save the information from the bottom of the form by clicking “Save and proceed to confirm”. After this, you can close the form and return to it via the link in your email.

The evaluation is based on the joint evaluation categories and grade descriptions of the University which are available on this page.

On the form, you have to give the thesis a final grade:

  • If the student(s) made an appeal against the grade, it is included on the form. You must also state whether the appeal led to any actions and what those actions were. If the student(s) has made an appeal, the approver must give their justifications for the decision on the final grade at “More information”. In addition, possible external evaluation statement should be included here.
  • The examiners’ grade suggestions can differ. The form does not automatically calculate the average grade etc., interpreting the grade suggestions and making the final decision on the grade is the responsibility of the approver. 
  • If necessary the approver can e.g. ask for another opinion about the grade from an outside examiner or take other actions to come to conclusion about the final grade.
  • If you fail the thesis, only the student will receive the information. In a case like this, the student must receive reasons for the failing grade as well as information on the further measures. If the thesis is failed, it cannot be revised and submitted again. Thus, the student must make a new thesis with different title and subject.

3. When you have finished filling in the form, send it forward by clicking “Save and proceed to confirm”, after which you can still  check the information you have added and go back by clicking “Edit'. When you are finished, click “Confirm and verify” at the bottom of the draft page. You can close the form/browser.

  • The student(s) will receive an email on the final grade as well as information on how to make an official appeal. 
  • In addition, the evaluation form will be forwarded to the student administration of the faculty so that the study attainment can be entered to the study register.
  • The Library will also retrieve the publication and archiving information from the thesis form if the thesis receives a passing grade.


The UTUGradu process with the thesis form ends here.