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The Process in a nutshell from the Supervisor's perspective

The "Supervisor" tab includes step by step instructions for supervisors on how to operate in the UTUGradu process. Please, read the instructions carefully before starting the process for the first time.


Before initiating the UTUGradu-process

The UTUGradu examination and publication process is for the higher academic theses, not for the PhD dissertations.

Initiate the examination and publication process when you have agreed together with the student(s) that the thesis is finished, meaning changes will no longer be made to it.

Make sure that your Moodle-course includes both PDF/A validator and Turnitin originality check assignments, and is thus compatible with the UTUGradu form. If you do not have Moodle course with PDF/A validator and Turnitin assignments, you must request it before initiating the process (see more in the tab "Before initiating UTUGradu process")


Summary of the supervisor’s role in the UTUGradu process

1. When the thesis is ready for final examination, filling in and sending the basic information on the UTUGradu thesis form to the student or students in case of collaborative work. You can access the UTUGradu thesis form via this link or by typing  in the address field of the browser (Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers are recommended for filling in the form).

2. Conducting the final Turnitin originality check and forwarding the thesis form to the examiners and the Head of Department or Dean.

+ If you also act as an examiner, the examination of the work and giving the evaluation statement on the thesis form. See more instructions on the tab "Examiner".

Note that you can follow the processes you have initiated by clicking "Information about the form" in the upright corner of the UTUGradu form and then "List view" and "Your latest form submissions" OR by going to and select "Your latest submissions".

Fig. List view for supervisors.


Note! List view of processes started before 19.3.2019 (v2) are available in version 2.