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Why and what is UTUGradu?

All the faculties and departments of the University of Turku transferred to the UTUGradu electronic thesis process for the higher academic degree on 1 August 2018.

UTUGradu process includes an electronic originality check (plagiarism detection), examination and approval process, electronic publication, and electronic archiving.

All higher academic degree theses (Master's) are electronically available, meaning theses will no longer be printed and the availability of theses improves significantly.

⇒ Ensuring long-term storage of theses (PDF/A format). 

⇒ The approval process of theses will become more standardised.

⇒ In addition, UTUGradu ensures that all the examiners and approvers can always access the same document which will also be archivedÔÇ» in the Library’s publication repository.

  • IT Services is in charge of the planning and realisation of the technical environment.
  • Educational Affairs is responsible for planning the introduction (customer service and trainings) and for the electronic originality check as part of the process.
  • Library is responsible for verifying the bibliographic information and transferring the theses to the publication repository UTUPub.