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Carrying out the Turnitin Originality Check of the Thesis and Filling in the Examination Information on the Thesis Form

You will receive an email from the UTUGradu system ( when the student has submitted their thesis in the Turnitin assignment and filled in the thesis information of the thesis form. The email will contain a link to both the Moodle course and the form.

1. The first step is conducting the final analysis of the Turnitin report in the Moodle course. More detailed instructions for the analysis are available on the Turnitin Originality Check tab.

  • Please notice that after this originality check, the thesis is no longer meant to be edited but will proceed to be approved and published as it is, and will be saved in the Turnitin database. The purpose of this is to ensure that every party receives the same version of the thesis for further processing. See step 3 below.
  • If the student wish is to pre-examine the thesis with Turnitin before initiating the actual examination process, you can use the Turnitin assignment for thesis in progress which does not save the submitted thesis. The supervisor will receive this automatically to their Moodle course when requesting a new Moodle course. See more from the Preliminary Examination of a Thesis and Moodle Assignments.


2. After you have completed the final analysis of the Turnitin report, open the UTUGradu thesis form from the link in the email (Chrome and Firefox browsers are recommended for filling in the form). Check the information filled in by the student (including manner of publication) and proceed to the bottom of the form.


3. On the form, you will be asked to confirm to have conducted the final Turnitin report analysis (this will replace the previous Turnitin originality check certificate) and to have checked the information filled in by the student by selecting “Yes”. 

  • If the Turnitin originality check or the information on the form contain something that requires further actions from the student(s) or other parties, select “No” and fill in the reason for discontinuing the process, and instruct the student(s) on further actions. After this, forward the information to the student (see step 5 below) who will receive the information to their email. This is when the UTUGradu process will be discontinued and must be initiated again from the beginning, in case the student(s) wish to later submit their edited thesis for examination.
  • Instructions for cases of misconduct are available on the Turnitin Originality Check tab.



4. Add the examiner(s) and approver (Head of Department or Dean) for the thesis. If you act as an examiner, remember to add yourself as an examiner. This can no longer be done afterwards.

Note! The review process may vary between units. Please check the review process from your unit.

If the examiner uses a HAKA or, choose No when asked "Does examiner have a University of Turku user account" and write the examiner's email address in the exact form that the examiner uses when logging in to the form.

  • If the thesis examiners at your unit are determined by someone other than the supervisor of the thesis, this must be done outside the UTUGradu process, and the information of the examiners should be filled in on the form only after the examiners have been chosen. 
  • For an examiner from outside the University of Turku who does not have a UTU, HAKA or user account, a visitor account (comparable to teaching and research personnel) must first be requested. More information in the intranet: User accounts for visitors


5. Finally, click “Save and proceed to confirm”. The form will open into a draft page where you can check the information and, if necessary, go back by clicking “Edit”. When you are finished, click “Confirm and verify” on the draft page. You can close the page.


►The examiners will receive an email with a link to the form, from which they will be able to download the PDF file of the thesis. The examiners will not have access to view the Turnitin assignment (unless the examiner is also the supervisor of the thesis and a teacher on the Moodle course in question). 

►The student(s) will also receive an email notification about the thesis being forwarded to the examiners. When the examiners have given their statements on the form, the student(s) will receive an email with instructions for e.g. making an appeal after receiving the evaluation statements from the examiners. After the student has been heard, the form with its information is automatically transferred to the approver for making the decision.

As a supervisor, your role in the UTUGradu process ends here, unless you are also one of the examiners of the thesis (you have defined yourself as an examiner on the form). If you also act as an examiner, see instructions on the  "Examiner" tab.

Note that you can follow the processes you have initiated by clicking "Information about the form" in the upright corner of the UTUGradu form and then "List view" and "Your latest form submissions" OR by going to and select "Your latest submissions".