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Instructions for the student

These students instructions will give you step-by-step instructions on how student(s) should proceed in the UTUGradu process. You should read the instructions carefully even before the thesis is ready for examination. 

A summary of the students’ responsibilities in the UTUGradu process

1. Before submitting your work for examination and publication, read the instructions about completing the thesis (e.g. copyright issues taken care of and preliminary Turnitin checks made).

The supervisor initiates the examination and publication process (=UTUGradu) with the online thesis form after the supervisor and student(s) have agreed that the work is finished, i.e. there will be no more changes to the thesis. When the supervisor has initiated the process, you will receive an email (from to your utu address with more information and links, i.e. to this guide page. After receiving the email, you can proceed to the steps below.

2. The thesis has to be converted into a PDF/A file suitable for long-term storage and validated in the PDF/A validation on your supervisor’s Moodle course.

3. The completed and validated PDF/A file of the thesis is submitted to Turnitin originality check on your supervisor’s Moodle course.

4. The information on the thesis and its publication is filled in on the thesis form and the form is forwarded to the supervisor so that the examination of the work can begin.

► The supervisor will conduct a Turnitin originality check on your thesis in Moodle and send the analysis on the UTUGradu form for the examiners’ review. You will receive an email notification (from

► Once the examiners have evaluated the thesis, you will get an email from and can move to the next step.

5. Once the examiners have examined the thesis (you will receive an email from, you can read the examiners’ evaluation statements and make a possible appeal against the grade, and send the form forward to the Head of Department for a decision on the final grade.

►The Head of Department makes a decision on the grade and approves your thesis on the UTUGradu form. You will get an email notification from

Notice! If the thesis is completed as a collaborative thesis:

  • If the thesis is completed as a collaborative thesis and the work of the students is evaluated in a joint process, the supervisor selects one of the students as the responsible student for who is in charge of the student’s actions in the submission process (steps 2 to 3 above).
  • The co-author will receive a notification email about the proceeding of the examination process and gets to validate the information and the thesis file the responsible student has submitted. The other student also gets to see the evaluation statements and make an appeal if they so wish. If the other student notices an error in the form or the thesis, they can return the form for the responsible student for editing. If the information is correct, the other student sends the form and thesis forward to the supervisor, after which the students can no longer make changes to the thesis.