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Completing the Thesis before the Examination and Publication Process

Please follow your degree programme's guidelines for the contents and layout of the thesis.

If you have not already done so, read the instructions on electronic publication and copyright issues and, if necessary, make corrections to your thesis.

The entire text of the thesis has to be in one file, including the title page and the appendices such as pictures, tables, graphics, research permit etc. Materials and data classified as confidential have to be left out of the version that is examined and published. More information is available in the electronic publication and copyright instructions mentioned above.

Remember to include a control mark of the Turnitin originality check to the bottom of the title page:

The originality of this thesis has been checked in accordance with the University of Turku quality assurance system using the Turnitin OriginalityCheck service.

Notice! Do not write your student identification number anywhere into your thesis.

The file should be titled:

  • Lastname_Firstname_Thesis e.g. Smith_John_Thesis
    • If the thesis is a collaborative thesis with a joint examination process, the file should be titled: Student1Lastname_Firstname_Student2Lastname_Firstname_Thesis, e.g. Student1Smith_John_Student2Smith_Jane_Thesis
  • You can use only the following characters in the file name:

a-z, A-Z, 0-9, underline (_), hyphen (-).

Spaces are not allowed. Furthermore, å, ä and ö characters are not allowed either. Replace them with a and o letters.

Before you submit your thesis for examination, you should “pre-check” your unfinished thesis in the Turnitin assignment that does not archive your work and ask your supervisor to check the report and then make final changes to your work, if necessary. You can submit your thesis in this pre-check assignment several times. The Turnitin assignment is available on your supervisor’s Moodle course under the headlline “Check your work in progress here” (or other similar text). Please ask your supervisor for the link to the correct Moodle course.